Working Out On Holiday

By Vega, categorized in Active Lifestyle

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Keeping active on holiday doesn't have to be difficult, in fact, it can be good fun and part of your routine. Our yoga crush, Zoe Woodward (@AlohaandCoffee), shares her top 5 ways to keep active on holiday. 

Although a holiday is meant for rest and relaxation there are still some of us that get itchy feet and want to move their bodies while away (me for one!).

I don’t follow my exercise regime as closely as I do at home and I certainly don’t exercise because I feel I should - to compensate for eating and drinking more than normal. But it is nice to keep up with some sort of exercise and is also surprisingly easy while you’re away.

Here are my top 5 ways to keep fit while on holiday:

1. Swim

If your hotel, villa, or apartment has a pool make the most of it! 20 minutes’ worth of lengths every day is perfect! It gets your heart rate up, is fab for cardio and is non weight bearing. Plus, if its super hot it’s the perfect way to cool down!

2. Walk or run

You don’t need any special equipment or machines just a good pair of shoes and some space, plus it’s the perfect way to explore your new surroundings - just remember the sunscreen!

3. A balcony workout with resistance bands

My bands always travel with me. They take up no room in my case plus they are brilliant for a full body workout on your balcony/in your room! (see below for a simple circuit)

4. Try something new

Some hotels have tennis courts, ping pong tables, even organised activities like volleyball or Zumba! Get involved, it’s all activity and movement and who knows, you may find something new you enjoy!

5. Yoga

My yoga mat is always in my hand luggage when I travel as I know I like to stretch and move, especially if I have a long journey. I also carry it as I love to stretch and do yoga while I’m away. You don’t need a mat though, a towel will do! It doesn’t have to be long, even 10-20 minutes each morning of yoga and stretching can feel great. Add some sun salutations in and you’re also raising your heart rate and using all of your muscles!

Balcony Workout

Do each exercise back to back four times with a one-minute rest between sets!

  • Banded crab walks x 10 each leg
  • Banded jump squats x 10
  • Banded bicep curls x 10 (keep band taught)
  • Banded bent over rows x 10 (keep band taught)
  • Banded clams x 10 each leg