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Why Vega

Welcome to Vega—a world of premium, clean*, plant-based nutrition

Be better on your own terms, one small change at a time.

No matter what better means to you, Vega shares the knowledge, nutrition, and inspiration to support your quest to thrive.

Don’t worry—better isn’t an all-or-nothing challenge. Vega’s approach to better is a little bit different: we believe the best long-term changes happen with small, incremental steps, and that better should be sustainable—in all meanings of the word. This is why we’re fans of focusing not on what you should eliminate from your diet, but on what you can add. Start by adding one plant-based meal or dish a day—a smoothie for breakfast, salad for dinner, or soup for lunch—and you’ll realise it’s much easier than you think to start eating whole, plant-based foods.

What IS clean*, plant-based nutrition?

No matter what better means to you, Vega products are made with these principles in mind:

  • Plant-based
    Plant-based diets are rich in everything you’ve been told to eat more of: fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and fats from nuts and seeds—whilst also low in the saturated fat found in meat and dairy. Plant foods have many beneficial compounds.
    Not only is adding more plant-based foods to your life good for you, it’s also good for the planet.
  • Nutrient Dense
    The most nutrient dense foods are found in the plant kingdom. Minimally processed, whole plant-based foods give you more nutrition per bite (calories) than any other foods.
  • Convenient
    You don’t have to compromise between whole food goodness and fast food convenience. Eating more plant-based foods doesn’t mean you have to be chained to your kitchen with three times the food prep you do a week in your current routine. If you love cooking, by all means, go for it—cooking more at home is a sure step to increasing your health (and we happen to know where you can find simple, delicious recipes—for all skill levels—that take no more time than your current staples).
    And for days when a home-cooked meal just isn’t happening, Vega’s nutrient dense shakes, made with real, plant-based food ingredients can be a smart choice.
  • Clean*
    (*) Clean can mean many things depending on your point of view. We start with real, plant-based foods and keep them as minimally processed as possible. Additionally, Vega products are:
    • Non-GMO
    • Gluten-free
    • With non-dairy ingredients and only natural flavours
    • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Made with real, plant-based food ingredients

    At Vega, we pride ourselves in making premium plant-based nutrition products. To us made with real plant-based food ingredients means:

    Vega is committed to using the best plant-based ingredients we can find to create the best-tasting, nutrient dense products possible. And we’re constantly looking for opportunities to improve, one small change at a time. We do not intend for Vega® products to be a substitute for fresh, whole meals. They are a convenient complement to your active, busy life.
    • All our products are vegan.
    • As much as possible, our plant-based ingredients are as close to their original food state as we can get them.
    • We’ll choose simple processes like freeze or air drying, grinding, or cold-pressing whenever we can.
    • Some of our plant-based ingredients need to be cooked, concentrated, or extracted before they can deliver the nutrition, flavour, or texture we want them to contribute to the end product.

These words may sound like euphemisms for processed. And in a way, they are—because processed also includes everyday things like:

  • Yes, some of our ingredients need a little more processing than others—getting protein from peas, or fibre from chicory root is understandably more complex than drying and grinding kale into a powder. They are made from real, plant-based food ingredients. It’s what our brand is built on.
  • Boiling or roasting a potato, or cooking a starchy whole grain to make it edible
  • Pressing the oil out of olives, nuts, or seeds
  • Steeping tea leaves or grinding and brewing coffee beans
  • Zesting or juicing a lemon

Recipe Centre

Blend and cook better with mouth-watering plant-based recipes (everything from smoothies to curries to pancakes) in our Recipe Centre.

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