Home Workout with a Baby

By Vega, categorized in Active Lifestyle

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My name’s Pamela aka SpamellaB on social media, a music-loving, fitness obsessed health food recipe developer and blogger over at SpamellaB.com. I’m also a mum to Thomas, who has just turned one. I’ve always enjoyed working out at home with some basic equipment, coupled with daily powerwalks or runs outdoors. I’ve just always preferred that over going to the gym, I like my own space and now that I have a baby it’s much more convenient!

As a huge fan of Vega, it’s a pleasure to share this post with some tips for those who may also have little ones but still want to fit exercise into their life. Although you might feel tired and zapped of energy (sleepless nights don’t help!), I am so passionate about keeping up an exercise routine that GIVES you energy to help keep that stamina up. This will also help once they are walking and toddling around!


Get your kit ready the night before. Have your tub of Vega out in the kitchen and your workout essentials wherever your space is - lounge, garage, bedroom or garden. You only need a few bits of equipment like kettlebells, resistance bands, a yoga ball, free weights and skipping rope, and your own body, to get a good circuit going! The key is to workout when the time is right for you. Having a baby can mean any sort of routine is thrown out the window, but if they are down for a nap, content playing near you where you can see them, or at nursery, use that time wisely and squeeze some exercise in. Remember - anything is better than nothing!


It’s all very well doing the exercise but eating well is just as important! I’ve always incorporated a good quality protein powder into my diet. Being super active and eating mostly plant-based, I’ve found a multisource plant-based protein an easy way to get protein into my diet. The quickest way to enjoy it is adding it into a smoothie. Add frozen banana or other fruits like berries and mango to your blender, throw in some veggies like cucumber or spinach, one scoop of Vega protein powder, and a dash of liquid like coconut water or plant-based drink like almond then whizz up and enjoy! I love making mine thick, pouring into a bowl and adding toppings like dried fruit, nuts and seeds to make a pretty, smoothie bowl after my workout!


While it’s great to use your own weight and free weights as part of your workout, why not consider using your little one as a weight too? Grab them and lift them up when you do squats or lunges, pull them towards you when doing sit ups or other ab exercises, dance around while holding them or run around and chase them - all great cardio plus it makes it more fun for you AND baby! Thomas loves it when I get him involved, I’m also pretty sure he knows it’s part of our morning routine which is great!


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