Edamame, Coriander and Avocado Dip

serves 2

5 minutes prep time

By Vega®, categorized in Snacks

Edamame, Coriander and Avocado Dip

Bean looking for a new dip recipe to avo go at? Then this is a super simple, and utterly delicious one to try!


225 g edamame cooked

60 g butter beans, drained and washed

½ an avocado

½ red onion, chopped

Handful chopped coriander

2 Tbsp olive oil

1 clove of garlic

Cayenne pepper to taste

60-125 mL rice vinegar


  1. Place all the ingredients, and 60 mL of rice vinegar into a food processor and process until smooth. Add more rice vinegar as needed.
  2. Chill and serve with crackers or vegetables!