#VitaminStories - Vitamin B7

By Bethan Hamilton, MMSc, ANutr, categorized in Stylish Science

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What is it?

A member of the B vitamin family involved in the breaking down of carbohydrates, fat and protein in our bodies. B7 is also called Biotin.

Why do we need it?

Not only is B7 required for energy and breaking down our macronutrients, it is important for healthy hair and skin. So no worries if you forget to bio-tin of your favourite moisturiser 😉!

How much do we need?

The recommended daily amount of B7 is 50 micrograms.

Where do we get Biotin from?

Biotin is found in lots of foods, but generally in small amounts. So, it you want to tick off your full recommended daily intake in one go and smash that vitamin to-do list, a scoop of Vega Essentials is the way forward!


Enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

 Bethan Hamilton, MMSc, ANutr

Bethan Hamilton, MMSc, ANutr