Meet Team Vega® UK!

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Wow, Vega has been in the UK nearly an entire year, can you believe it?! It has been the most exciting whirlwind 10 months and we have loved every step of the journey. But who are the main 4 faces behind the brand… well now it is time to find out. Here is a little intro to our UK team and their top plant-based tip just for you.

Jacqui Grimsey, International Brand Lead


Having worked with Vega in Canada for a year, I jumped at the chance to launch such an incredible brand back home in the UK. If I’m not having fun at events with the Vega Team, I am likely to be travelling the country visiting friends and family.

What’s your favourite plant-based breakfast?

I am all about smoothies! Chocolate Vega® Essentials is pretty much a staple in my kitchen. I usually keep it quite simple with a banana and plant-based drink like unsweetened almond or coconut, but whenever a new recipe goes up on the website, I can’t help but try it out.

Holly Bill, Vega Account Manager


If you see Vega in a store near you, I was most likely involved in getting it there. When I am not sat behind my laptop, I’m trying out a new gym class and attending rock concerts or sporting events.

What’s your go to plant-based snack?

Well it has got to be rice cakes and peanut butter, quick, simple and delicious. However, I am also a big fan of hummus and carrot sticks, plus any cakes that Bethan whips up and brings to team meetings… hint hint!

Bethan Hamilton, Nutritionist & National Educator


I’m Vega’s in-house Registered Associate Nutritionist answering all your nutrition questions and always talking all things plant-based, so come along to my talks at festivals for my top tips. I spend my life in the kitchen, cooking and baking, constantly experimenting with new recipes - I have a cook book problem!

What’s your favourite plant-based dish?

A pretty impossible question to answer, I rarely make the same dish twice, so I am going to share one of my top tips on how to use any veggies you have in your fridge… soup! Boil up any veggies with some stock and even some lentils or grains, then whizz and enjoy for lunch with some fresh bread.

Toby Meadows, Business Development Manager


Hi guys, I’ve been with the UK team since launch and am the face you are likely to see in store handing out tasty samples of Vega, so come and say ‘Hi’ if you see me. I represented Team GB cycling internationally and was part of a European cycling team, so if you ever want to chat all things health and fitness, I am your man.

What’s your favourite post-workout dish?

Usually I will make a chickpea and coconut curry, or even a bean chilli to pile on top of a Jacket potato. However, if I need something quick, I will make a Vega® Clean* Protein  shake as a snack.

*At Vega®, clean means: non-GMO, gluten-free, non-dairy ingredients and suitable for vegetarians and vegans